The Disparagement Of Indifference

by The Perennial

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(free) 03:06


Drums and guitars recorded by The Perennial
Additional tracks recorded by Jeffrey Weed at Sonic Environments
Mixed by Jeffrey Weed and The Perennial.

The Perennial:
Marco Corsino - Vocals
Dave Woltmann - Guitars/Drums
Adam Sahlin - Guitars
Matthew Sottile - Bass guitar

Former Members:
Chris Barry - Drums
Rob Krosky - Bass guitar
Bobby Burns - Drums


released May 30, 2008




The Perennial Connecticut

Connecticut-based group that played heavy music. Active 2007-2009.

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Track Name: Carnivore
The delitescent hands glisten green from the cruor of war. Their perversions only blister for some; I am one, and I welcome the sore. Liberty bends and breeds amiss - She augments the world with the devils she begets. White bruises to blue and power corrupts. How do we content ourselves at the apex of potential? How do we stifle our will? I render my choice to obligation, for the expected young should know the wealth of my words. I honor the rogue with dissent; I castigate their actions, and derogate their word. Assemble the fronts and let the character feign. Steel and bone impel as one; the tragedy begins. Bisecting the scalp from the bone on which their crown calls home. I lobotomize, demoralize and destroy.
Track Name: Epsilon
With the rise of a new world order, policy proliferates; a new life is born. A dystopian wasteland of perfect ideals and imperfect results. Headless men are not fit to lead, just as the bled are unfit to bleed. We live in an automated metropolis suspended in disbelief. Production lines develop priority above that which breathes, and the wealth amongst the richest is continuously flaunted. This is a world of cold men, and even colder dreams. An ebbing mass of flesh perpetually erased. At fault lies a knotted clot of salacious nods and iniquitous praise. Insidious hands sire peerless dismay. These words are an asperous draft of a world to come if a continual descent betides. You ought to grant purpose to thought, lest we be forced to bed our own graves in woe. Bring color to the bare. Enable thyself and let defiance bloom.
Track Name: The Discordant Cachet
Impress me. Dissever your limbs and learn to bleed without a book. The theories within have yellowed. the old man, he sways. Selfless/Selfish; the duality contents. I see the method but not the practice. This seems rather base, what with the arrogance you exude. From ear to ear you kneel and bring glory to only yourself. I salt the lie and swallow the wealth you love. Insanity should never become the sane, as war has to peace and ignorance to strength; Yet plainly, we are mad. Beneath the loam on which I stand lies no conflagrant lay for the recreant. I assure you, your god is dead. The recesses of your belief sit amid the acid and tissue within. I ate faith.
Track Name: An Attraction To Excess
Soft whispers the ghost, begrudging my tongue and forcing white to my palm. Personality ailing to virulent thought. I am with comfort and still seeking, severing the heads of hell and spilling flesh into the void. I am without rest, falling further up the hill of hell and pushing my cloud forever out of reach. It's fucking dead and raining, and all I feel are cloven hands and jagged teeth coercing me within. Betwixt the ice beneath the brow, I benumb without relief. I am as guilty as Judas in regards to myself. Ptolemy my home, I stand encased in woe.