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Reams and reams of shit, that's all that clutters the shelf. The glue you've scraped from the tired hooves of hungry legs binds nothing but lies - lies fashioned as fact. The stupid herd, they pull the rope while screaming that the noose gets tighter. Choking themselves, they scramble for plastic cures to synthetic ills. While the world's left battered and slashed from ear to ear, we stand aphasiac and pregnant with fear. The empty claim victory by using the full, and the worthless gain worth by standing on the rest; I cannot close my eyes. Peeled back by the butchers of hell, they now welcome no concession. I'll scratch your names out of the future - a future where men are reasoned by reason and not by profit or prophets. Impair the perpetual greed machine. The errors must be corrected, and so they shall. No compromise. Even in the face of Armageddon, no compromise. Dissent and be whole. No compromise.


from Dissension, released July 1, 2009




The Perennial Connecticut

Connecticut-based group that played heavy music. Active 2007-2009.

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